Installation Using An OVA

RhodeCode Appenlight is currently only available as an OVA(Open Virtualization Archive) for installation on virtual machines. To obtain this file, contact

The OVA is packaged using VMWare 8.0, so it would be better to use the same version. You can use a different VMWare version but you will need to use their copatibility option, virtual machine ‣ settings ‣ copatibility

Installation Steps

To install RhodeCode Appenlight using an OVA and VMWare, use the following steps.

  1. Contact RhodeCode to get the latest OVA file.

  2. Create a VMWare virtual machine using the OVA.

  3. Sign into the VM with the User/Password combination provided.

    • The OVA is an Ubuntu based VM and RhodeCode Appenlight will be automatically running.
    • RhodeCode Appenlight will be served on https://rhodecode.local.
  4. To view your instance of RhodeCode Appenlight you will need to make changes to your local machine’s hosts file to resolve the IP Address of the VM.

    From the VM, use the ifconfig command to display the local network settings and note the IP Address.

# Display your network details.
$ ifconfig -a
  1. On your local machine, update the hosts file to resolve the IP Address when you access the RhodeCode Appenlight URL: https://rhodecode.local

    Where is changed to your VMs IP Address.

# Appenlight VM IP Address   rhodecode.local

Once running you can connect RhodeCode Appenlight and RhodeCode Enterprise. See the How To Use Appenlight to Monitor RhodeCode Enterprise section.