Application Monitoring

You can connect multiple applications to RhodeCode Appenlight for monitoring. To do this, use the information in this section.

Adding an Application

  1. Select Settings ‣ Create Application.
  2. Set the Application name and Application URL.
  3. Click Create Application.


You will need to configure your application to communicate with RhodeCode Appenlight. See the instructions for your particular framework in the Appenlight Developer Docs.

Transfer Application Ownership

  1. Select Admin ‣ List Applications ‣ Settings

  2. In the Transfer Ownership section, enter the following details:

    • The current owner’s password
    • The new owner’s username
  3. Click Transfer Ownership of application

Adding Users and User Groups

Access to each application is granted on a User Group or User basis, see the User Administration section for more details.

Removing an Application

To remove an application from RhodeCode Appenlight, us the following steps.

  1. Select Admin ‣ List Applications
  2. Click Settings beside the application you want to delete.
  3. Click Delete my application