Data volumes#

Data structure / volumes#

Main volumes defined inside Docker stack: Those path are available within a running docker image

  • /etc/rhodecode/conf

    Shared volume used for configuration files for rhodecode, vcsserver, and some cache data rhodecode.ini and vcsserver.ini files are located there and can be adjusted

  • /var/opt/rhodecode_repo_store

    Used for main repository storage where repositories would be stored

  • /var/opt/rhodecode_data

    Data dir for rhodecode cache/lock files, or user sessions (for file backend)

Best way to browse those directories is to attach to running instance of RhodeCode by running the following command:

./rcstack cli attach

If your instances are not running, there’s a storage attach command that would run a new image and attach it to docker volumes

./rcstack cli storage

This will print out the custom paths where the volumes were attached for example:

attaching rc_datavolume           under: /vol/datavolume
attaching rc_reposvolume          under: /vol/repovolume
attaching $PWD/.custom/storage    under: /vol/backupvolume

There’s a special bind in this setup $PWD/.custom/storage This binds the current directory .custom/storage path into the container. This way it’s possible to copy files from the host into a docker container. By putting them into $PWD/.custom/storage and copying into /vol/datavolume or /vol/repovolume