Release History#

v5.7.0 (2024-01-31)#


  • cli-commands: cli commands now use compose execute for a consistent behaviour and user execute control

  • cli-commands: cli commands now allow to pass in –user flag to control which user executes the command

  • docs: added comprehensive full text search doc guide

  • dev-tools: allow running sshd on dev mode


  • build-image: fix presence of .rhoderc to improve UX when indexing on fresh installations

  • traefik: fixed bad letsencrypt acme storage path


  • self-update: small logging changes for self-update output

  • version: bumped version to 5.7.0


  • tools: small fixes for dev-tools


  • build: updated docs build image and templates

  • fix: fixed acme storage path example

  • misc: various docs improvements

v5.6.0 (2024-01-15)#


  • cli: added support to run without TTY for CLI commands

  • docker-upgrade: added a new option to upgrade docker system via rcstack on linux os.

  • upgrade: ensure docker compose gets upgraded on docker upgrade command

  • core: removed all build commands from rcstack, they are now part of dev-tools

  • dev-tools: refactor and rename CLI build commands


  • backup-db: backup-db now writes a backup to DESTINATION argument passed

  • docker-upgrade: added more info for compose upgrade


  • git-lfs: add latest git-lfs binary into docker image

  • docker-5: improve image building, added labels

  • release: standardize release changelog settings


  • deps: bumped metrics stack deps

  • deps: bumped redis to 7.2.4

  • version: version bump to 5.6.0

v5.5.0 (2023-12-28)#


  • cli: made reading from .runtime.env file error prone. Proper warning will be displayed once errors are found

  • stack-upgrade: change order of upgrade, sshd code should go before svn for faster and more reliable upgrade


  • backup: fixed backup commands not processing all volumes, but just last

  • build: fixed script to obtain build archives

  • dev-tools: make it more explicit to set WORKSPACE_HOME

  • docs-build: changes/adjustments for building docs

  • help: fixed stack upgrade help lines for CLI

  • stack-upgrade: stack-upgrade will work correctly when no previous containers were running


  • build: added static file checker during a build command


  • dev-build: added step-by-step instructions for dev env setup and for easier installation

  • develop: added dev docs to setup env for development

  • docs-build: fixed docs build how to

  • upgrade: explain how to avoid scale 2x on upgrade

  • docs: fixed docs warning

  • docs: fixed develop docs

  • docs: made it clear about changes on statsd TTL

v5.4.0 (2023-12-13)#


  • grafana: format IP addresses with fixed width for loki entries

  • self-update: added –update-docker-image to force set version from installer

  • ssh: allow fully custom ssh port for k8s setup

  • ssl: ensure all services get SSL enabled during init phase

  • status: add more information on status with –config flag


  • ssl: show properly how to enable mounts for custom traefik ssl

  • static-files: fixed missing JS plugins wiped during a build


  • router: bumped traefik to v2.10.7

  • services: bumped postgresql to 14.10

  • services: bumped redis to 7.2.3


  • tools: added better entrypoints to start dev envs


  • requirements: add info about basic requirements for hardware

  • ssl: cleanup example cert files names

v5.3.0 (2023-11-29)#


  • docker: added force docker upgrade and docker version commands

  • docs: build docs using docker image

  • docs: enabled google analytics on docs

  • grafana: updated grafana dashboard with better metrics

  • overrides: added example how to mount own source code on rhodecode

  • stack: added new cli cmd option to run a custom command on top of image

  • status: added -v flag to print some useful info on the stack status


  • docs: fixed ssh port in docs

  • elasticsearch: tune options for ES cluster to work properly under docker

  • init: fixed bug with sed on linux systems


  • pip: bumped pip version to 23.3.1


  • spelling: improve info about used commit on init/update


  • tools: set new version setting logic on top of dev-tools


  • configuration: added info about turning off elasticsearch

  • index: show latest version for index page

  • rcstack-help: fix instructions for getting rcstack at stable

  • ssl: improve ssl certificates docs

  • ssl: added info about troubleshooting the SSL certs

v5.2.0 (2023-11-08)#


  • os-support: beta support for OSX installation

  • compatability: used unified sed function for better OS compatability

  • install: improved logic of init script re-run with –force


  • docker-image: fixed symlink creation for svn and git


  • certs: fixed a missing blank .crt file allowing to specify custom certs

  • metrics: bumped metrics stack

  • services: bumped services stack

  • ssl: updated and stored default cert file bundle exposed inside containers


  • comments: added info about Loki auth format


  • dev-tools: improve starting dev images via docker


  • os-support: added information about supported OS

  • ssl: added information about ssl certificate handling for rcstack

  • upgrade: added information about faster upgrade

v5.1.0 (2023-11-02)#


  • core: moved the custom build files and definition to subfolders

  • core: fixed svn apps to not override by default SVN env variables


  • ignore: added extra ignore dirs in config


  • migration: added more comprehensive instructions for upgrade task

  • upgrade: added additional step for upgrade doc

v5.0.8 (2023-10-25)#


  • services: fixed healthcheck syntax to be more reliable


  • dependencies: bumped to traefik:v2.10.5

  • dependencies: bumped to library/redis:7.0.14


  • migration: updated migration guide

v5.0.7 (2023-10-23)#

  • docs: updated few instructions on image management

  • svn[bugfix]: fixed svn configs for custom build

  • svn: bumped httpd to .58

  • cli[bugfix]: fixed issue with runtime-image-info command

  • monitoring: fixed label position on grafana dashboard

v5.0.6 (2023-10-12)#

  • rcstack asks for EULA for CE/EE versions

v5.0.5 (2023-10-10)#

  • expose DOMAIN/_pages to expose “pages” like drop-folder to serve static pages

  • change documentation to RST

v5.0.4 (2023-09-29)#

  • rcstack: remove dependency for md5sum, this allows to run on macOS

  • nginx: cleanup configuration files to single conf file

v5.0.0 (2023-09-21)#

  • initial release for new python3 RhodeCode installer