RhodeCode Enterprise#

RhodeCode Enterprise is a high-performance source code management and collaboration system. It enables you to develop projects securely behind the firewall while providing collaboration tools that work with Git, Mercurial, and Subversion repositories. The user interface allows you to create, edit, and commit files and repositories while managing their security permissions.

RhodeCode Enterprise provides the following features:

  • Source code management.

  • Extended permissions management.

  • Integrated code collaboration tools.

  • Integrated code review and notifications.

  • Scalability provided by multi-node setup.

  • Fully programmable automation API.

  • Web-based hook management.

  • Native Subversion support.

  • Migration from existing databases.

  • RhodeCode Enterprise SDK.

  • Built-in analytics

  • Built in integrations including: Slack, Webhooks (used for Jenkins/TeamCity and other CIs), Jira, Redmine, Hipchat

  • Pluggable authentication system.

  • Support for AD, LDAP / Active Directory, Crowd, CAS, PAM.

  • Support for external authentication via Oauth Google, Github, Bitbucket, Twitter.

  • Debug modes of operation.

  • Private and public gists.

  • Gists with limited lifetimes and within instance only sharing.

  • Fully integrated code search function.

  • Always on SSL connectivity.

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