Setting User Group Permissions#

To set User Group repository permissions, use follow these steps:

  1. From the RhodeCode Enterprise interface, select Admin ‣ User Group ‣ Add User Group

  2. Enter a group name and description, and select Save

  3. Select edit beside the new User Group. On the following screen you will see a number of tabs. Exploring these you will find the following most used options:

  • Owner: This allows you to change the User Group owner. As super-admin you will still have access to this, but changing the owner lets you delegate the user group management to another manager.

  • Members: This allows you to added or remove users from the group.

  • User Permissions: On the permissions tab you can set the permissions for each member. If not individually set, the members will inherit the default user permissions.

  • Inherit from default settings: On the Global Permissions tab you can uncheck this option and explicitly configure the permissions for the group.