RhodeCode Enterprise 4.10.6 Release Notes#

Release Date#

  • 2017-12-20

New Features#


  • dependencies: bump webob to 1.7.4 that fixes 1.7.3 regression for streaming.

  • svn: extend detection of SVN PROPFIND/PROPATCH methods. This increases the compatibility with svn methods such as svn mkdir or svn delete with tortoise SVN.



  • hooks: decrease pool interval to 10ms. For SVN operations and lots of requests this can lead to almost 4x speed improvement.


  • celery: fix potential 404 problems with celery and sync creation of repositories.

  • fixed git streaming support for instance that are not behind a buffering proxies. Webob library removed default chunked encoding support, and now requires an explicit flag to make it work again.

Upgrade notes#

  • Fixed regression with streaming, and increased svn support. No upgrade problems should be expected, however please check GIT repos behaviour on upgrade.