RhodeCode Enterprise 5.0.0 Release Notes#

Release Date#

  • 2024-05-14

New Features#

  • Full support of Python3 and Python3.11

  • Git repositories with LFS object are now pushing and pulling the LFS objects when remote sync is enabled.

  • Archive generation: implemented a new system for caching generated archive files that allows setting cache size limit see: archive_cache.cache_size_gb= option.

  • Introduced statsd metrics in various places for new monitoring stack to provide useful details on traffic and usage.


  • Upgraded all dependency libraries to their latest available versions for python3 compatability


  • fixed few edge cases of permission invalidation on change of permissions


  • Moved lot of dulwich based code into libgit2 implementation for better performance


  • Various small fixes and improvements found during python3 migration

Upgrade notes#

  • RhodeCode 5.0.0 is a mayor upgrade that support latest Python versions 3.11, and also comes with lots of internal changes and performance improvements.

  • RhodeCode 5.0.0 is only supported via our new docker rcstack installer or helm/k8s stack

  • Please see migration guide Migration to Docker & Rcstack

  • RhodeCode 5.0.0 also requires a new license for EE instances, please reach out to us via support@rhodecode.com to convert your license key.