RhodeCode Enterprise 4.9.1 Release Notes#

Release Date#

  • 2017-10-26

New Features#



  • security(critical): repo-forks: fix issue when forging fork_repo_id parameter could allow reading other people forks.

  • security(high): auth: don’t expose full set of permissions into channelstream payload. Forged requests could return list of private repositories in the system.

  • security(medium): general-security: limit the maximum password input length to 72 characters.

  • security(medium): select2: always escape .text attributes to prevent XSS via branches or tags names.


  • git: improve performance and reduce memory usage on large clones.


  • user-groups: fix potential problem with ldap group sync in external auth plugins.

Upgrade notes#

  • This release changes the maximum allowed input password to 72 characters. This prevent resource consumption attack. If you need longer password than 72 characters please contact our team.