RhodeCode Enterprise 4.11.2 Release Notes#

Release Date#

  • 2018-02-08

New Features#


  • git: stabilize long running git processes to prevent potential worker freezes.


  • Repo Checks(low): prevent from html injection on repo-check page. It could be prepared to fake the displayed text fooling users into unwanted actions.



  • Diffs: in case of text lexers don’t do any HL because of pygments problems. Fixed newline rendering for certain very unique diffs using Pygments.

  • Webhook: fixed extra variable replacement in webhook url.

  • Subprocessio: use safe b.read() and prevent potential valueErrors

  • Subprocess: use subprocessio helper to run various subprocess commands.

  • Git: use subprocessio for hooks execution to use non-blocking subprocess.

Upgrade notes#

  • Scheduled bugfix release fixing certain requested problems with diffs and, Git.