Gunicorn SSL support#

Gunicorn wsgi server allows users to use HTTPS connection directly without a need to use HTTP server like Nginx or Apache. To Configure SSL support directly with Gunicorn you need to simply add the key and certificate paths to your configuration file.

  1. Open the home/user/.rccontrol/instance-id/rhodecode.ini file.

  2. In the [server:main] section, add two new variables called certfile and keyfile.

host =
port = 10002
use = egg:gunicorn#main
workers = 1
threads = 1
proc_name = RhodeCodeEnterprise
worker_class = sync
max_requests = 1000
timeout = 3600
# adding ssl support
certfile = /home/ssl/my_server_com.pem
keyfile = /home/ssl/my_server_com.key
  1. Save your changes.

  2. Restart your RhodeCode Enterprise instance, using the following command:

$ rccontrol restart enterprise-1

After this is enabled you can only access your instances via https:// protocol. Check out more docs here Gunicorn SSL Docs


This change only can be applied to RhodeCode Enterprise. VCSServer doesn’t support SSL and should be only used with http protocol. Because only RhodeCode Enterprise is available externally all communication will still be over SSL even without VCSServer SSL enabled.