RhodeCode Enterprise 4.0.0 Release Notes#

Release Date#

  • 2016-05-24


  • Introduced Pyramid as a Pylons framework replacement. (porting still ongoing). Added few of components as plugins. Exposed RhodeCode plugins API for 3rd parties to extend RhodeCode functionality with custom pyramid apps. Pyramid is also our route to python3 support.

  • Various UX/UI improvements. - new summary page - new file browser (more consistent) - re-done admin section and added Panels - various other tweaks and improvements

  • Alternative fast and scalable HTTP based communication backend for VCServer. It soon will replace Pyro4.

  • Rewrote few caching techniques used and simplified those

New Features#

  • RhodeCode code-review live chat (EE only). A live communication tool built right into the code-review process to quickly collaborate on crucial parts of code.

  • Elastic Search backend (EE only). Alternative backend to existing Whoosh to handle, large amount of data for full text search.

  • Social Auth (EE only): added new social authentication backends including: Github, Twitter, Bitbucket and Google. It’s possible now to use your Google account to log in to RhodeCode and take advantage of things like 2FA.

  • Search: full text search now properly orders commits by date, and shows line numbers for file content search.


  • Added new action loggers for actions like adding/revoking permissions.


  • Optimized admin panels to faster load large amount of data

  • Improved file tree loading speed

  • New HTTP backend is ~10% faster, and doesn’t require so many threads for vcsserver


  • Fixed backreferences to user group when deleting users

  • Fixed LDAP group user-group matching

  • Improved SVN support for various commands (MKOL, etc)