RhodeCode Enterprise 3.2.0 Release Notes#


  • 2015-04-08


  • Administration: Improved the logging and rendering of tracebacks from the VCS Server. The logging configuration in the INI file should be updated. For information about these parts of RhodeCode Enterprise, see VCS Server Management, and Enabling Debug Mode.

  • Administration: Added the ability to set a per user language.

  • Gists: Added an option to restrict gists to logged in users only.

  • Pull requests: Reviewer status is reset after after an update.

  • Pull requests: Improved logging during an update.

  • Pull requests: Added various hooks around the life-cycle and review status changes of a pull request.

  • Security: Support added for bcrypt on Windows systems.

  • Style: Added headers to tables which display commits, e.g. the changelog.

  • Style: Redesigned the compare page for multiple commits.

  • Style: Redesigned the error pages.

  • Style: Redesigned the file details page.

  • Style: Redesigned the summary pages of repositories.

  • Style: Improved the details form for managing authentication plugins.

  • VCS Server: Robust push and pull operations if the VCSServer is restarted.


  • Administration: Remap and Rescan Repositories could cause issues with empty repository groups.

  • Administration: Fix edit of an existing issue tracker entry.

  • Comments: Allow to delete comments on regular commits.

  • Comments: Fix batch comment functionality on the compare page.

  • Diffs: Improve diff parser to better recognize special file names.

  • Git: Avoid errors when pushing into an empty Git repository.

  • File edit: Avoid internal server error for file edits on branches which are not the default branch.

  • Pull requests: Show initial pull request comment.

  • Security: Escape repository description to avoid XSS like vulnerabilities.

  • Setup: Allow to setup a new system even with expired trial license.

  • Style: Fixed styling of repository extra fields.

  • Style: Fixed display issues on the file page when a line is selected and the history buttons are used to navigate back and forth.

  • Style: Improve the display of the commit message on the file details page.

  • Style: Improve My Account page for email addresses.

  • Style: Improve My Account page for external user accounts, e.g. LDAP

  • Style: Improve transition from file list to file details.

  • Style: Remove light font face for improved readability on Windows.