Gist Editing#

Gists are standalone files that only the creator can edit. To work with gists, click on the Gists tab on the RhodeCode Enterprise header. The gist editor also has syntax highlighting.

You can set the following properties for each gist:

  • Public: Public gists are as the name suggests, and will show up in searches.

  • Gist Lifetime: You can set a gist to expire after a set period by using the Gist Lifetime dropdown menu. This means that when the gist expires it will be deleted from the RhodeCode Enterprise gist database.

  • Private: This means that the gist will not show up in searches.

  • Gist access level: If you create a private gist you can have two levels of privacy with the gist link.

    • Requires registered account: This option requires users to have a registered account on the RhodeCode Enterprise instance, otherwise they will not have access to the gist.

    • Can be accessed by anonymous users: This option hides the link so that it does not show up in searches, but you can still share it with people outside of your organisation.

For more advanced use of gists, see the gist API options in the API Documentation

Gist Management