RhodeCode Enterprise 4.24.1 Release Notes#

Release Date#

  • 2021-02-04

New Features#


  • Core: added statsd client for statistics usage.

  • Clone urls: allow custom clone by id template so users can set clone-by-id as default.

  • Automation: enable check for new version for EE edition as automation task that will send notifications when new RhodeCode version is available



  • Core: bumped git to 2.30.0


  • Comments: add ability to resolve todos from the side-bar. This should prevent situations when a TODO was left over in outdated/removed code pieces, and users needs to search to resolve them.

  • Pull requests: fixed a case when template marker was used in description field causing 500 errors on commenting.

  • Merges: fixed excessive data saved in merge metadata that could not fit inside the DB table.

  • Exceptions: fixed problem with exceptions formatting resulting in limited exception data reporting.

Upgrade notes#

  • Un-scheduled release addressing problems in 4.24.X releases.