RhodeCode Enterprise 3.0.2 Release Notes#


  • 2015-02-16


  • Style: Overhaul of typography styling

  • Consistent use of product name in application

  • Action Parser: More robust handling of data

  • Permissions: More consistent sorting of permissions

  • Gists: Added a noindex flag for private Gists


  • LDAP: renamed LDAP plugins for backwards compatibility. The original plugin is called auth_ldap and group support is with the auth_ldap_group plugin.

  • Subversion: Support “0” to get the first commit via API from Subversion repositories

  • Style: fixed display issues with select boxes in IE

  • Style: fixed highlighting of commits in compare view

  • Style: Preserve new-line breaks in commit messages

  • Style: fixed icons on code-block elements

  • Style: fixed side-by-side diff header

  • Style: fixed form-inputs on login pages

  • Style: fixed multiple minor display issues in the diff display