RhodeCode Enterprise 4.25.0 Release Notes#

Release Date#

  • 2021-04-02

New Features#

  • SSH: allow clone by ID via SSH operations.

  • Artifacts: added an admin panel to manage artifacts.

  • Redmine: added option to add note to a ticket without changing its status in Redmine integration.


  • Git: change lookups logic. Prioritize reference names over numerical ids. Numerical ids are supported as a fallback if ref matching is unsuccessful.

  • Permissions: changed fork permission help text to reflect the actual state on how it works.

  • Permissions: flush permissions on owner changes for repo and repo groups. This would fix problems when owner of repository changes then the new owner lacked permissions until cache expired.

  • Artifacts: added API function to remove artifacts.

  • Archives: use a special name for non-hashed archives to fix caching issues.

  • Packaging: fixed few packages requirements for a proper builds.

  • Packaging: fix rhodecode-tools for docker builds.

  • Packaging: fixed some problem after latest setuptools-scm release.

  • Packaging: added setuptools-scm to packages for build.

  • Packaging: fix jira package for reproducible builds.

  • Packaging: fix zipp package patches.


  • Comments: forbid removal of comments by anyone except the owners. Previously admins of a repository could remove them if they would construct a special url with data.

  • Pull requests: fixed some xss problems when a deleted file with special characters were commented on.


  • License: skip channelstream connect on license checks logic to reduce calls handling times.

  • Core: optimize some calls to skip license/scm detection on them. Each license check is expensive and we don’t need them on each call.


  • Branch-permissions: fixed ce view. Fixes #5656

  • Feed: fix errors on feed access of empty repositories.

  • Archives: if implicit ref name was used (e.g master) to obtain archive, we now redirect to explicit commit sha so we can have the proper caching for references names.

  • rcextensions: fixed pre-files extractor return code support.

  • Svn: fix subprocess problems on some of the calls for file checking.

  • Pull requests: fixed multiple repetitions of referenced tickets in pull requests summary sidebar.

  • Maintenance: fixed bad routes def

  • clone-uri: fixed the problems with key mismatch that caused errors on summary page.

  • Largefiles: added fix for downloading largefiles which had no extension in file name.

  • Compare: fix referenced commits bug.

  • Git: fix for unicode branches

Upgrade notes#

  • Scheduled release 4.25.0.