RhodeCode Control

RhodeCode Control handles the installation and management of RhodeCode Community, RhodeCode Enterprise and VCS Server. To install these you must first install RhodeCode Control which provides the following functionality:

  • Installation of new instances
  • Importing of previous installations
  • Upgrading of existing instances
  • Uninstalling of instances
  • Starting, stopping and restarting instances
  • Status overview of installed instances
  • Management of the environment and dependencies
  • Self-update ability for RhodeCode Control
  • Self-destroy ability for RhodeCode Control
RhodeCode Overview
Legend:RCC: RhodeCode Control, RCE: RhodeCode Community & RhodeCode Enterprise,
VCS: VCS Server, SVN: Subversion, HG: Mercurial

Latest Version

The latest version of RhodeCode Control is 1.24.4.

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