Offline Installation and Upgrades

This guide is intended for the first time offline installation of RhodeCode Control, RhodeCode Enterprise and the VCS Server. If you are already in an offline environment and want to upgrade to the latest releases first see Upgrade RhodeCode Control.

Offline Steps

  1. Download the RhodeCode Control installer for your platform.
  2. Download the MANIFEST file for your platform.
  3. Open the MANIFEST file, and using the links inside this file, download the following packages:
    • The RhodeCode Enterprise versions that you want to use offline.
    • The VCS Server package with matching version number.


For RhodeCode Enterprise 2.x you do not need a VCS Server. It is only required for 3.x and above.

For example the MANIFEST file will contain entries such as this:

  1. Transfer the RhodeCode Control installer, RhodeCode Enterprise and VCS Server packages to the machine you’ll run the offline commands.
  2. Install RhodeCode Control on the offline machine.
  3. Copy the RhodeCode Enterprise and VCS Server files into the RhodeCode Control cache folder.
    • On Linux: /home/user/.rccontrol/cache
    • On Windows: C:/Program Files/RhodeCode/home/user/.rccontrol/cache
  4. Run the appropriate commands with --version and --offline.


If you do not specify the --version argument RhodeCode Control assumes the latest version which may not be in your cache and result in the command failing.

Be aware that failure may also be caused by placing packages into the cache that have the correct version but wrong system architecture!


Importing your existing older instance to be managed by RhodeCode Control.

$ rccontrol import Enterprise <path to INI> --version 2.2.7 --offline

Installing a VCS Server and RhodeCode Enterprise instance.

$ rccontrol install VCSServer --version 3.3.3 --offline
$ rccontrol install Enterprise --version 3.3.3 --offline

Upgrading an existing VCS Server and RhodeCode Enterprise instance.

$ rccontrol upgrade vcsserver-1 --version 4.3.3 --offline
$ rccontrol upgrade enterprise-1 --version 4.3.3 --offline