Known Issues

MySQL Upgrade Issue

Upgrading a RhodeCode Enterprise version that runs with MySQL currently requires some reconfiguring of your production.ini file so that an IP Address is set and not localhost.

Fedora 23

RhodeCode Control does not run perfectly on Fedora 23 due to a locale issue. This is a known issue under investigation due to the Nix packaging of the product, see the Github issue here. RhodeCode Control runs fine on Fedora 21.

To work around this problem, you need to point $LOCAL_ARCHIVE to the workaround locale package.

  1. Download this package:
  2. Point $LOCAL_ARCHIVE to the locale package.
$ export LOCALE_ARCHIVE=/home/VERSION/locale-archive # change to your path

If you happen to be running RhodeCode Control from systemd, use the following example to pass the correct locale information on boot.