Upgrade RhodeCode Control

To have access to the latest available releases from RhodeCode it is necessary for you to trigger a check and potential update of RhodeCode Control. This command will connect to our servers and check if any new releases are available. It will also upgrade the RhodeCode Control if new version of it is available.

$ rccontrol self-update

Currently running RhodeCode Control "1.7.0"
Downloading https://dls.rhodecode.com/linux/MANIFEST ...

Latest version "1.7.0"
No new version of RhodeCode Control available.

Supervisord state is: RUNNING

See the RhodeCode Control CLI Guide section for more details.

Offline Upgrading

If you are working in an offline environment it will be necessary to upgrade RhodeCode Control to get support for the latest RhodeCode Enterprise and VCS Server releases.

  1. Download the MANIFEST file for your platform.
  2. Check the contents of the MANIFEST file for RhodeCode Control.
19d5395c8da96983b049afdaf78a7426 https://dls.rhodecode.com/linux/RhodeCodeControl-1.3.0+x86_64-linux_774_233a2738f6fa_b8c3bae59b9f.tar.bz2
cb2afef56a6cfdc9300cbbb4098ce032 https://dls.rhodecode.com/linux/RhodeCodeControl-1.3.0+i686-linux_774_233a2738f6fa_b8c3bae59b9f.tar.bz2
  1. Download the RhodeCode Control version matching you platform architecture.
  2. Transfer the files to your offline computer.
  3. Copy the files into the RhodeCode Control cache.
    • Required files: MANIFEST and RhodeCodeControl-*.tar.bz2
    • On Linux: /home/user/.rccontrol/cache
    • On Windows: C:/Program Files/RhodeCode/home/user/.rccontrol/cache
  1. Execute the self-update command with the --offline option.
$ rccontrol self-update --offline
Currently running RhodeCode Control "1.7.0"
Offline mode enabled. Using files from the local cache.


If you wish to also upgrade RhodeCode Enterprise or the VCS Server offline you will need to download those packages and following similar steps. For more details see the Offline Installation and Upgrades section.