Install RhodeCode Control on Windows


  • Installation on Windows will fail if there is a space in the username.
  • Administrator permissions are required to run RhodeCode Control.


If you wish to use a MySQL or PostgreSQL database with RhodeCode Enterprise you should set up and configure the database before installation. For more information, see the Supported Databases section.

Download The Latest VM Image

Since RhodeCode 4.x, we do not provide a native Windows Installer. Instead, we recommend using a virtual machine (VM) image. In essence, it is an Ubuntu system with RhodeCode installed and configured. You will get quite a performance boost from previous Windows versions. Choose the steps below for your RhodeCode edition.

RhodeCode Enterprise Edition

  1. Download the latest RhodeCode EE OVA VM from If you need sign in credentials, signup at
  2. Import the OVA into your virtual machine software and launch.

RhodeCode Community Edition

A VM image for RhodeCode CE is not available yet. It is something we have on our radar. In the meantime, you can switch between editions; see Switch Between Enterprise and Community Editions