Setup Channelstream Server

Channelstream is a websocket server that handles all live communication inside RhodeCode Enterprise. This Guide will explain how to set it up.


Before enabling channelstream module, make sure you have configured your Nginx or Apache webserver to support it. Please check our latest configuration examples for the http servers. Nginx Config, Apache Config

From Version 1.11.0 RhodeCode Control has a new option called enable-module it can be used to enable certain new functionality.

To enable channelstream, do the following:

  1. Verify you have [include] statement inside your ~/.rccontrol/supervisor/supervisord.ini. If you’re using new installation this step can be skipped. If you do not have such section, see Using Include statement to extend the programs for more details on how to add it.
  2. Make sure your HTTP server has a configured path to handle websocket connections. Such path (in most cases /_channelstream) will be used to proxy channelstream connections. Note the server host and port from it, as we need to pass it during next step. Defaults are host: and port:9800. If you used our default Nginx Config / Apache Config configuration examples such path is already configured. Otherwise please add them as in the above examples.
  3. Run the enable-module for channelstream. Answer the questions in prompts. In almost all cases the defaults should be enough. This command only works on RhodeCode Enterprise and RhodeCode Community. It should be executed against each instance you want channelstream to be enabled on.
rccontrol enable-module channelstream community-1
rccontrol enable-module channelstream enterprise-1
  1. Restart Supervisord, by running rccontrol self-stop && rccontrol self-init
  2. Channelstream should be now enabled and configured. The enable-module will create a new configuration, run channelstream server, and reconfigure given instance .ini file. In Browser visit My Account ‣ My Live Notifications You can check your browser console if there any connection error shown.