RhodeCode Control 1.17.0

Release Date

  • 2018-02-01


  • Scheduled release. Adds ssh module, and syncs 4.10 release configs. By default gevent backend is now used during new installations.


  • self-destroy: make it safer to run this command. Require to type YES to destroy the rc control.
  • status: add more info into –verbose flag.
  • support for migration/celery updates for 4.11 series.
  • enable-module: enabling modules now ensures the include section is added into supervisor. This make it work for older configurations of control.


  • supervisor: prevent from potential error when status of supervisord process cannot be obtained.
  • core: use different port ranges for services. Prevents from potential collisions with supervisor port.
  • import: copy over some critical settings from old installations so migration