RhodeCode Control 1.2.1

Release Date

  • 2015-09-01


  • Bugfix release. Fixes for windows.


  • Major refresh and update of the RhodeCode Control documentation.
  • Windows installer now creates a desktop shortcut to RhodeCode Control.
  • Windows installer now has the ability to visit the docs at the end of install.


  • Fixed missing icon in the Windows Add/Remove entry.
  • Fixed uninstall on Windows to prevent usage of rccontrol self-destroy.
  • Fixed failed rccontrol upgrade from using the wrong version of the instance.
  • Improved rccontrol upgrade to suggest a potential rccontrol self-update.
  • Improved rccontrol upgrade to notify of license changes from RhodeCode Enterprise 2.x.
  • Improved RhodeCode Enterprise 3.x INI file creation by moving to a template solution.