RhodeCode Control 1.3.0

Release Date

  • 2016-01-21


  • Scheduled release. Major changes in how rccontrol commands show the data.


  • New custom_modules directory inside RhodeCode Enterprise instances to hold your custom developed scripts.
  • rccontrol status now shows which VCS Server an RhodeCode Enterprise instance is using.
  • rccontrol status now detects mismatching VCS Server and RhodeCode Enterprise instances.
  • rccontrol uninstall on an in-use VCS Server will now prompt for confirmation.
  • A --force flag has been added to rccontrol self-update and rccontrol upgrade to simplify recovery from corrupted binaries.
  • During rccontrol install the RhodeCode Enterprise DB credentials are now verified.
  • During rccontrol install the license is now scrollable.


  • Fixed rccontrol install for RhodeCode Enterprise to hide the DB password and ask confirmation.
  • Fixed language in the installer prompt to better reflect the intended action.
  • Improved rccontrol status command internals to simplify the operation.
  • Improved overall documentation with more offline and upgrade specifics.
  • Improved documentation to include Windows Task Scheduler configuration.