RhodeCode Control 1.4.0

Release Date

  • 2016-02-25


  • Scheduled release. Offline support of installation of packages.


  • Added an --offline option to rccontrol import, rccontrol install, rccontrol upgrade and rccontrol self-update to explicitly handle operations in offline environments.
  • Improved the documentation surrounding offline installation and upgrades.


  • Fixed the installer to correctly chown the path if requiring sudo.
  • Fixed the installer to avoid potential depreciation warnings on Linux.
  • Fixed rccontrol upgrade to keep the old backup link if needed during --force.
  • Fixed the --force option to only work on the same version as intended.
  • Improved rccontrol import by adding support for RhodeCode Enterprise 3.8.0
  • Improved rccontrol self-update by simplifying the logic involved.
  • Improved the documentation for installing RhodeCode Control on Linux.
  • Removed some internal project code to keep things tidy.