RhodeCode Control 1.2.0

Release Date

  • 2015-07-22


  • Scheduled release. Ipv6 support, SSL verifications added.


  • Added support for installing RhodeCode Enterprise with an IPv6 address.
  • Downloads from our HTTPS server are now protected with SSL verification.
  • When installing or importing the start-at-boot flag is now enabled by default which reduces the admin work required to hook RhodeCode Control into system boot.
  • Improved documentation on the topic of bring up instances during boot.
  • Project dependencies have been updated to the latest available libraries!


  • Fixed the install of VCS Server to respect the start-at-boot flag.
  • Fixed start/stop commands to no longer modify the start-at-boot flag.
  • Fixed handling of CTRL-C during install/import to properly clean tmp folders.
  • Fixed installer to set a proper name for Add/Remove entry on Windows.
  • Improved the process of passing instance data to supervisor.
  • Improved rccontrol upgrade to stop an instance before upgrading.
  • Improved start/stop/restart commands to check status before taking action.
  • Improved error handling during rccontrol import.