RhodeCode Control 1.1.9

Release Date

  • 2015-07-01


  • Bugfix release with migration of .ini settings on upgrade.


  • Improved documentation surrounding offline installation and upgrades.
  • VCS Server 3.4.0 will be installed/upgraded with performance tuned settings.
  • Repackaged the project to remove dependencies and reduce size.


  • Fixed the installer to better report on permissions issues.
  • Fixed installer to overwrite existing MANIFEST file for RhodeCode Control.
  • Fixed reporting of permission error during rccontrol self-update.
  • Fixed reporting of permission error during RhodeCode Enterprise install.
  • Fixed rccontrol self-update to continue in offline mode on network error.
  • Fixed rccontrol self-update to handle CTRL-C scenarios.
  • Improved network error to link to offline installation instructions.
  • Improved CLI to verify version information before prompting for input.