RhodeCode Control 1.2.2

Release Date

  • 2015-09-28


  • Bugfix release. Check for read/write access to the installation directories.


  • Documentation now includes an Architecture Overview section.
  • RhodeCode Enterprise on Windows now requires the repository directory outside of Cygwin.
  • The RhodeCode Tools indexing file (mapping.ini) is now copied to the RhodeCode Enterprise instance folder.


  • Fixed the rccontrol install command to re-prompt for non-writable repository directory.
  • Fixed the rccontrol self-destroy command to prevent regular usage on Windows.
  • Fixed license migration link for RhodeCode Enterprise 1/2.x to 3.x upgrades.
  • Improved INI parsing to display details on parsing failure.
  • Improved RhodeCode Enterprise 3.x INI section for API access white listing.
  • Improved display of license agreement to include the current date.
  • Improved ability to detect corruption of installed instances.
  • Improved documentation along with a new table of contents.