RhodeCode Control 1.10.0

Release Date

  • 2016-12-15


  • Scheduled release. Added rccontrol ishell command to open interactive rescue schell for Community or Enterprise instances. Fixed few found problems on installation
  • dependencies: bumped Cython to 0.25.2
  • dependencies: bumped Mako to 1.0.6 and requests to 2.9.1


  • installation: added additional instructions to explain interactive prompts.
  • install: no longer require to link against specific tools version.
  • commands: added rccontrol ishell command.


  • docs: added link to docs issue tracker.
  • validation: added extra password validation that filters out problematic characters.
  • self-update: cleanup code and fixed tests.
  • self-destroy: use better detection of files to remove on the action.