RhodeCode Control 1.14.0

Release Date

  • 2017-05-05


  • Scheduled release. Adds celery into enable-module, and fixes some found problems based on customer feedback.


  • enable-modules: celery can now be automatically enabled via enable-module.


  • docs: updated offline instructions
  • cpu: auto generated CPU numbers shouldn’t be greater than 8. On some machines with 24 or 36 Cores it’s an overkill to set such high number.
  • install: make sure the log file is writable before starting installation. Prevents from situation where left-over installer log from root prevents installation from different less privilege user.
  • vcsserver: always backup .ini file on upgrade.
  • vcsserver: fix upgrade bug when caused config re-write on upgrade of >4.5.0 and above.
  • vcsserver: make upgrade from pyro4 to http mode more error proof.