RhodeCode Control 1.1.0

Release Date

  • 2015-02-23


  • Rename Momentum to Enterprise, new improved install script.


  • The rccontrol install command now takes Enterprise instead of Momentum, see RhodeCode Control CLI Guide.
  • A new and improved install script with progress bar and licence display.


  • Fixed sporadic file copying problems affecting installations on Windows.
  • Fixed a problem with unicode handling during installation error logging.
  • Fixed an issue with writing the email configuration section in the RhodeCode Enterprise rhodecode.ini file.
  • Fixed the ability to create nested directories for the repository location path.
  • Fixed a problem with the git_path not being correctly upgraded in the rhodecode.ini file.
  • Fixed import handling of RhodeCode Enterprise 3.x instances to keep VCS Server configuration.
  • Support added for the newest database schemas when upgrading instances.
  • Support for drivers to be specified in the database connection.
  • Improved upgrade logic for handling 2.x and 3.x scenarios.
  • Removed left overs related to website instances.