RhodeCode Enterprise 3.4.0 Release Notes#

Release Date#

  • 2015-07-06


  • API: Improved error handling in the calls create_repo and update_repo.

  • API: Extend the call create_repo.

  • API: Extend the call update_repo. It now supports the new parameter fork_of.

  • API: Add new call create_pull_request.

  • API: Rename call changeset_comment to comment_commit.

  • General: Update many external dependencies to recent versions.

  • General: Improved connection handling to the VCSServer in thread based scenarios.

  • General: Generate replacement avatar images if Gravatar is not used.

  • Hooks: Add the hooks pre-push and pre-pull for rcextensions.

Pull Requests#

  • Update inline comments during the update of a pull request. This can be enabled with a new option in the VCS settings.

  • Always show information about the merge status.

  • Allow to update the title and description of a pull request.

  • Also allow the author to close a pull request.

  • Order pull requests based on the numeric value instead of the string value.

  • Disable merge if the target repository is locked.

  • Fix link to commits of the pull request.

  • Show update button in the case of missing commits.


  • Update of the page “Commit” to fit better into the current style.

  • Update of the page “File” to fit better into the current style.

  • Remove background color for closed pull requests.

  • Standardise font sizes and spacing across the display of diffs and file sources.

  • Use units from the binary system to display size information, e.g. KiB and MiB.

  • Do not try to show gravatar images for group entries in select widgets.

  • Style: Improve “increase context” and “ignore whitespace” links on the page “Commit”.

  • Show information in the profile of external users as read only.

  • Improve spacing in the permissions overview of users and user groups.


  • Auth: Fix default user permissions for private repositories inside of a repository group.

  • Auth: Do not inherit permissions from disabled user groups.

  • Auth: Avoid generation of a new password for external user accounts on login.

  • Files: Fix the handling of the file name extension on the page “Add File”.

  • Files: Fix the “Show all authors” link on the file page.

  • General: Fix a filedescriptor leak inside of the WSGI processes around vcs operations.

  • General: Fix system info page for Windows.

  • General: Show version information in the footer if enabled.

  • General: Avoid errors from the issue tracker patterns to bubble up in the system. Logging an error and ignoring the broken pattern instead.

  • Gists: Store correct ACL level for anonymous gists.

  • License: Ignore default user on user count.

  • Repository: Clear user permissions when detaching related objects.

  • Repository: Fix issue around tags with special characters for git.

VCS Server#

  • Fix a filedescriptor leak around calls to git around vcs operations.

  • Add solid handling of lookup errors and error during diff generation.

  • VCSServer: Skip initialization of the locale subsystem if no valid locale can be found.

  • VCSServer: Increased default value for the parameter threadpool_size.


  • API: The call changeset_comment is deprecated, use comment_commit instead. The old call will be still supported for a few more releases but eventually it will be removed.