RhodeCode Enterprise 4.3.0 Release Notes#

Release Date#

  • 2016-08-12

New Features#

  • Integrations: created new event based integration framework. Allows to configure global, or per repo: Slack, Hipchat, Webhooks, Email integrations. This also deprecated usage of rcextensions for those.

  • Integrations (EE only): added smart commits for Jira and Redmine with ability to map keywords into issue tracker actions. Fixes #123 -> resolves issues, Closes #123 -> closes issue etc.

  • Markdown: added improved support for Github flavored markdown.

  • Labs: enable labs setting by default. Labs are new experimental features in RhodeCode that can be used to test new upcomming features.

  • Api: Add api methods to get/set repository settings, implements #4021.

  • Gravatars: commit emails are now displayed based on the actual email used inside commit rather then the main one of associated account inside RhodeCode, #4037.

  • Emails: All emails got new styling. They look now consistent to UI of application. We also added bunch of usefull information into email body, #4087.

  • Pull requests: add show/hide comment functionality inside diffs, #4106.

  • Notifications: added real-time notifications with via channelstream about new comments when reviewing the code. Never miss someone replies onto comments you submitted while doing a code-review.


  • Subversion: detect requests also based on magic path. This adds subversion 1.9 support for SVN backend.

  • Summary/changelog: unified how data is displayed for those pages.
    • use consistent order of columns

    • fix the link to commit status

    • fix order of displaying comments

  • Live chat: refactor live chat system for code review based on latest channelstream changes.

  • SVN: Add template to generate the apache mod_dav_svn config for all repository groups. Repository groups can now be automatically mapped to be supported by SVN backend. Set svn.proxy.generate_config = true and similar options found inside .ini config.

  • Readme/markup: improved order of generating readme files. Fixes #4050
    • we now use order based on default system renderer

    • having multiple readme files will pick correct one as set renderer

  • Api: add a max_file_bytes parameter to get_nodes so that large files can be skipped.

  • Auth-ldap: added flag to set debug mode for LDAP connections.

  • Labs: moved rebase-merge option from labs settings into VCS settings.

  • System: send platform type and version to upgrade endpoint when checking for new versions.

  • Packaging: update rhodecode-tools from 0.8.3 to 0.10.0

  • Packaging: update codemirror from 5.4.0 to 5.11.0

  • Packaging: updated pygments to 2.1.3

  • Packaging: bumped supervisor to 3.3.0

  • Packaging: bumped psycopg2 to 2.6.1

  • Packaging: bumped mercurial to 3.8.4


  • Api: make comment_commits api call have consistent permissions with web interface.

  • Files: fixes display of “Add File” button missing or present despite permissions, because of cached version of the page was rendered, fixes #4083.

  • Login/Registration: fixed flash message problem on login/registration pages, fixes #4043.

  • Auth-token: allow other authentication types to use auth-token. Accounts associated with other types like LDAP, or PAM can now use auth-tokens to authenticate via RhodeCode.


  • Core: made all RhodeCode components gevent compatible. RhodeCode can now make use of async workers. You can handle dozens of concurrent operations using a single worker. This works only with new HTTP backend.

  • Core: added new very efficient HTTP backend can be used to replace pyro4.

  • Core: Set ‘gzip_responses’ to false by default. We no longer require any gzip computations on backed, thus speeding up large file transfers.

  • UI: optimized events system for JavaScript to boost performance on large html pages.

  • VCS: moved VCSMiddleware up to pyramid layer as wrapper around pylons app. Skips few calls, and allows slightly faster clones/pulls and pushes.


  • VCS: add vcsserver cache invalidation to mercurial backend. Fixes multi-process problems after Mercurial 3.8.X release with server side merges.

  • VCS: clear caches on remap-and-rescan option.

  • VCS: improved logic of updating commit caches in cases of rebases.

  • Caches: Add an argument to make the cache context thread scoped. Brings support to gevent compatible handling.

  • Diff2way: fixed unicode problem on non-ascii files.

  • Full text search: whoosh schema uses now bigger ints, fixes #4035

  • File browser: optimized cached tree calculation, reduced load times by 50% on complex file trees.

  • Styling: #4086 fixing bug where long commit messages did not wrap in file view.

  • SVN: Ignore the content length header from response, fixes #4112. Fixes the “svn: E120106: ra_serf: The server sent a truncated HTTP response body.”

  • Auth: Fix password_changed function, fixes #4043.

  • UI/tables: better message when tables are empty #685 #1832.

  • UX: put gravatar and username together in user list #3203.

  • Gists: use colander schema to validate input data.
    • brings consistent validation acros API and web

    • use nicer and stricter schemas to validate data

    • fixes #4118

  • Appenlight: error reporting can now also report VCSMiddleware errors.

  • Users: hash email key for User.get_by_email() fixes #4132