RhodeCode Enterprise 3.1.0 Release Notes#


  • 2015-03-17


  • API: extended the API regarding pull requests. Added the following operations to support CI integrations.

    • get_pull_request

    • get_pull_requests

    • merge_pull_request

    • close_pull_request

    • comment_pull_request

  • VCS Server: improved handling for the user in the event that no VCS Server is enabled.

  • VCS Server: Added the vcs.server.enable configuration option, see VCS Server Management

  • VCS Server: improved system stability if the VCS Server is not installed.

  • Style: changed icon colors for the vcs back ends; Git, Mercurial and Subversion.


  • Security: fixed XSS vulnerability in files view.

  • Pull Request: fixed dataTable integration for IE8 in Pull Request overview.

  • Files: adding a new file via web form has been fixed.

  • Diff: renames of files which have spaces in their file names are now displayed correctly.

  • Settings: Remove supervisor statistics page.

  • Style: improved headers on all Pull Request related pages to make them more consistent.

  • Style: improved headers on all repository related pages to make them more consistent.

  • Style: updated icons.

  • Style: removed border around checkboxes in IE10.

  • Style: improved display of permission summaries in admin settings for all browsers.

  • Style: fixed alignment of form labels across all browsers.

  • Style: improved title on the Changeset page.

  • Style: fixed display of select widgets in IE8 and IE9.

  • Style: fixed password input field for IE8.

  • Style: fixed button positioning in inline comment forms of diffs for IE8.