RhodeCode Enterprise 2.2.2 Release Notes#


  • released 2013-11-19

  • Push & pull up to 4x faster

  • Security fixes


  • Optimized the number of permission tree builds when doing push and pull operations which leads to a significant (up to 4x) performance increase.


  • Fixed issue with pygrack using os.cwd for working dir, that caused issues in some operating systems.

  • Fixed dulwich parents function call used when building DAG graph.

  • Fixed issue with revoke permissions on repository group when apply to children was set to ‘none’. This call could silently fail without proper notification to users.

  • Fixed issues with Mercurial hooks when creating remote repositories.

  • Strip passwords from clone urls for logging output.

  • Fixed LDAP issues with unicode. LDAP bind does not support unicode passwords.

  • Fixed admin UI which broke when using long names.

  • Fixed rendering of READMEs that contained different line endings.

  • Fixed issue with admin users of groups which could create repositories at top-level.