Distributed Version Control System, usually referring to Git or Mercurial.


An extension extends the capabilities of, or the data available to, an existing software application.

Indexing all files and repositories managed by RhodeCode Enterprise and making this data searchable from the interface.


A note that can only be edited by the author and shared using its link within others. The sharing permissions can be set during its creation.


A Python WSGI HTTP Server used by RhodeCode Enterprise.


A hook intercepts function calls, messages, or events passed between software components and can be used to trigger plugins, or their extensions.

Horizontal scaling#

Adding more machines or workers into your pool of resources.


A single installed version of one of the RhodeCode products. It could refer to RhodeCode Enterprise or the VCS server depending on the context.


A Plugin is software that adds a specific feature to an existing software application.


Temporary file storage kept in volatile memory instead of persistent storage.

VCS Server#

The VCS Server handles the abstraction layer between the supported version control systems and RhodeCode Enterprise.