RhodeCode Enterprise 4.7.2 Release Notes#

Release Date#

  • 2017-04-18

New Features#


  • git-lfs: always validate uploaded files size. In case an upload is damaged, or interrupted RhodeCode will send the upload as failed making git-lfs client re-try the upload of large files.

  • dependencies: bumped rhodecode-tools to version 0.12.0




  • make usage of gunicorn wrappers to write data to disk.

  • git-lfs: report chunked encoding support properly to the client.

  • git-lfs: report returned data as ‘application/vnd.git-lfs+json’ instead of plain json

  • http-app: simplify detection of chunked encoding, when doing git-lfs uploads.

  • rcextensions: fixed default template of rcextensions to propery handle pre-push callback.

Upgrade notes#

  • This release fixes some found problems with git-lfs stream uploads. Please try to run git lfs push –all origin to re-validate uploaded large-objects.