RhodeCode Enterprise 4.14.0 Release Notes#

Release Date#

  • 2018-11-02

New Features#

  • Diffs: expose range diff inside the PR view. It’s now possible to show commit-per-commit view of changes in pull request.

  • Diffs: new sticky context bar. When browsing diffs we show file path of the current diff so users are aware all the time what file they are reviewing.

  • Diffs: added quick file selector in diffs views. Now it’s possible to select a file in large diffs from the sticky header for quicker access to certain interesting files in diffs.

  • Diffs: introducing diff menu for whitespace toggle and context changes. It’s now possible to show/hide whitespace changes and toggle the file context in all diff places including pull requests.

  • Comments: allow commenting on empty files without content.

  • Repositories: added option to archive repositories instead of deleting them. Archived repositories are useful for future auditing, but they are read-only.

  • rcextensions: new rcextensions. We’re introducing new rcextensions that will be base for future low-level integrations. It’s now possible to expose nice messages back to the users when using rcextensions.

  • Summary page: slightly re-organize summary page for better user experience.


  • Mailing: switched from custom library to pyramid_mailer with python3 compatibility.

  • Frontend: Switched to Polymer 3.0.

  • Frontend: fixed problems with IE11 and brought back support for that browser.

  • Git: use a fetch_sync based creation of remote repositories. This fixes problems with importing from Bitbucket.

  • Comments: update comments email templates.

  • Packaging: only wrap external dependency scripts. This makes execution of scripts roughly 5x faster due to much smaller PATH tree.

  • HTTP: use application wide detection of invalid bytes sent via URL/GET/POST data.

  • Fonts/UI: use consistent fonts across the whole application. Few places had non-standard custom fonts.

  • Google: updated google auth plugin with latest API changes.

  • Core: handle edge case requesting matched routes but with hg/svn/git or api context.

  • Dependencies: bumped rhodecode-tools to 1.0.0 release using Apache2 license.

  • Dependencies: atomicwrites==1.2.1

  • Dependencies: attrs==18.2.0

  • Dependencies: dogpile.cache==0.6.7

  • Dependencies: psutil==5.4.7

  • Dependencies: pathlib2==2.3.2

  • Dependencies: subprocess32==3.5.2

  • Dependencies: gevent==1.3.6

  • Dependencies: greenlet==0.4.15

  • Dependencies: pytest==3.8.2

  • Dependencies: py==1.6.0

  • Dependencies: pytest-cov==2.6.0

  • Dependencies: pytest-timeout==1.3.2

  • Dependencies: coverage==4.5.1

  • Dependencies: psycopg2==2.7.5


  • RST: improve Javascript RST sandbox.

  • Jupyter: sanitize markdown cells similar as we do for our own markdown cleanup.


  • SSH: improved SSH wrapper execution speed by using optimized binary script wrapping.

  • Core: reduced font and JavaScript load times.


  • Comments: ensure we always display unmatched comments.

  • Branch Permissions: fixed changing rule order for branch permissions.

  • Users: ensure get_first_superadmin actually gets the 1st created super-admin.

  • Users: when deleting users ensure we also clear personal flag. This fixes some problems with multiple personal groups.

  • Diffs: disable the error border on highlight errors.

  • Integrations: implement retry to HTTP[S] calls for integrations. Web parts will do a 3x retry call in case service is not reachable or responds with 5XX codes.

  • Git: fixed pull-request updates in case branch names are the same as the file names.

  • Supervisor: add patch for older kernel support.

  • Compare: fixed file after/before links in compare view for cross repo compare.

  • Emails: improve fonts and rendering of email HTML.

  • Permissions: flush members of user groups permissions to clear caches.

  • Repository: add check preventing of removal of repo with attached pull requests. Users should use the new archive repo function instead.

Upgrade notes#

  • In this release, we’re shipping a new rcextensions. The changes made are backward incompatible. An update of rcextensions is required prior to using them again. Please check the new rcextensions.tmpl directory located in profile/etc/rcextensions.tmpl in your instance installation path. Old code should be 100% portable by just copy&paste to the right function.

  • Mailing: We introduced a new mailing library. The older options should be compatible and generally, old configuration doesn’t need any changes in order to send emails. We, however, encourage users to re-check mailing setup in case of some more sophisticated email setups. There’s a possibility to send a test email from admin > settings > email section.