Naming conventions#

We keep the calls in the form {verb}_{noun}.

Change and Deprecation#

API deprecation is documented in the section deprecated together with other notes about deprecated parts of the application.

Deprecated API calls#

  • Use deprecated inside of the call docstring to make our users aware of the deprecation:

    .. deprecated:: 1.2.3
       Use `new_call_name` instead to fetch this information.
  • Make sure to log on level logging.WARNING a message that the API call or specific parameters are deprecated.

  • If possible return deprecation information inside of the result from the API call. Use the attribute _warning_ to contain a message.

Changed API calls#

  • If the change is significant, consider to use versionchanged in the docstring:

    .. versionchanged:: 1.2.3
       Optional explanation if reasonable.

Added API calls#

  • Use versionadded to document since which version this API call is available:

    .. versionadded:: 1.2.3
       Optional explanation if reasonable.