Pull request management#

There are two ways of tracking pull requests within RhodeCode Enterprise.

  1. Pull requests for your review

  2. Pull requests per repository

Pull requests for your review#

To view pull requests for your review, use the following steps:

  1. From the RhodeCode Enterprise interface, Select username ‣ Notifications

  2. Select Pull Requests

pull requests for my review

Pull requests per repository#

To view pull requests going to and from a repository, use the following steps:

  1. Select the repository you wish to view

  2. Select Pull Requests from the top menu

  3. On the left-hand pane you will see the following options for pull request management on that repository:

    • Opened: Pull requests opened on this repository.

    • Opened by me: Pull requests you opened on this repository.

    • Awaiting my review: Pull requests awaiting your review.

    • Closed: Closed pull requests on this repository.

    • Awaiting review: Pull requests still awaiting review on this repository.

    • From this repo: Pull requests opened on another repository with the changes coming from this repository.

pull request dashboard