RhodeCode Enterprise 4.25.2 Release Notes#

Release Date#

  • 2021-04-14

New Features#


  • Comments: refresh on draft sidebar on draft submit.

  • Vcsserver: log exceptions into the logs

  • Archiving: make it explicit archiving a repo is irreversible.

  • My-account: updated bookmarks UX

  • Pull requests: added awaiting my review filter for users pull-requests. Additionally the awaiting my review now properly filters pull requests that have no review votes on them.




  • Draft comments: fixed logic in toggle all draft for submit.

  • Draft comments: when submitting edited drafts also clear the history to prevent DB problems.

  • Mercurial: fixed a case of lookup branches that had 40 characters in length.

  • Gists: block id input for public gists.

  • Pull requests: fixed problems with unicode characters in branches.

  • Pull requests: small ui fix for grid.

  • Summary: fixed ui on summary page for non-admins. The setup instructions were broken if user had no write permissions.

  • Users: make user data loading more resilient to errors.

Upgrade notes#

  • Scheduled release addressing problems in 4.25.X releases.