Subversion Enabling Path Permissions#

Because RhodeCode Enterprise uses standard svn apache mod_svn we can take advantage of the authz configuration to protect paths and branches.

Configuring RhodeCode#

  1. To configure path based permissions first we need to use a customized mod_dav_svn.conf.

    Open home/user/.rccontrol/instance-id/rhodecode.ini file. And find svn.proxy.config_template setting. Now set a new path to read the template from. For example:

    svn.proxy.config_template = /home/ubuntu/rhodecode/custom_mod_dav_svn.conf.mako
  2. Create the file as in example: /home/ubuntu/rhodecode/custom_mod_dav_svn.conf.mako You can download one from:

  3. Add (if not yet exists) a section AuthzSVNReposRelativeAccessFile in order to read the path auth file.

    Example modified config section enabling reading the authz file relative to repository path. Means located in /storage_dir/repo_name/conf/authz

    # snip ...
    # use specific SVN conf/authz file for each repository
    AuthzSVNReposRelativeAccessFile authz
    Allow from all
    # snip ...


    The AuthzSVNReposRelativeAccessFile should go above the Allow from all directive.

  4. Restart RhodeCode, Go to the Admin ‣ Settings ‣ VCS page, and click Generate Apache Config. This will now generate a new configuration with enabled changes to read the authz file. You can verify if changes were made by checking the generated mod_dav_svn.conf file which is included in your apache configuration.

  5. Specify new rules in the repository authz configuration. edit a file in repo_name/conf/authz. For example, we specify that only admin is allowed to push to develop branch

    * = r
    admin = rw

    For more example see:

Those rules also work for paths, so not only branches but all different paths inside the repository can be specified.

  1. Reload Apache. If all is configured correctly it should not be allowed to commit according to specified rules.