RhodeCode Enterprise 4.19.2 Release Notes#

Release Date#

  • 2020-06-10

New Features#

  • Files: landing refs will be the default for files view, resulting in names of branches instead of hashes. This fixes some problems reported with navigation, and also SVN.

  • Diffs: expose per-file comment counts.


  • Navigation: explicitly link to summary page for summary link.

  • Main Page: simplify footer, and expose docs link.

  • Docs: added mention how to change default integration templates.

  • Files: use ref names in the url, and make usage of default landing refs.

  • Files: report the name of missing commit.

  • Sweet alerts: reduced font size.


  • Branch permissions: fix XSS on branch permissions adding screen.



  • Emails: improved styling, and fixed problems with some email clients rendering.

  • Files: fixed label for copy-path action.

  • Files: use a common function to handle url-by-refs, and fix landing refs for SVN.

Upgrade notes#

  • Un-scheduled release addressing problems in 4.19.X releases. It brings some added features that weren’t ready for 4.19.0.