RhodeCode Enterprise 4.23.2 Release Notes#

Release Date#

  • 2020-12-06

New Features#


  • Repo extra keys: fixed some texts to improve UI.



  • Core: speed up cache loading on application startup.


  • Diffs: added scroll down/scroll up helper. Fixes #5643

  • Diffs: fixed diff rendering when a common ancestor was a different commit than the source of changes.

  • Commits / changelog: small fixes from found problems.

  • Comments: side-bar comments hover also shows an ID of comment now.

  • Comments: make dismiss less prominent, and text only to not mix icons/text together.

  • Comments: UX improvements for comment buttons.

  • Reviewers: small ui fixes for display of review rules, and added new reviewer entries.

  • Pull-requests: fixed source/target in PR creation, affecting how we load default reviewers based on branches.

Upgrade notes#

  • Un-scheduled release addressing problems in 4.23.X releases.