RhodeCode Enterprise 4.11.1 Release Notes#

Release Date#

  • 2018-02-02

New Features#





  • Audit logs: handle query syntax errors in whoosh query parser. Prevents 500 errors on wrongly entered search terms in audit logs.

  • Mercurial: fix new 4.4.X code change that does strict requirement checks. Fixes problems with Mercurial Largefiles repositories.

  • VCSServer: in case of errors in the VCSServer worker restart it gracefully. In rare cases certain errors caused locking of workers, and unresponsive connections. Now we restart a worker freeing up memory and connection.

  • Git: handle flaky and slow connection issues with git. Due to the changes in Pyramid, flaky connections started affecting git clones.

Upgrade notes#

  • Fixed regression on git with high latency connections. No upgrade problems should be expected, however please check GIT repos behaviour on upgrade.