RhodeCode Enterprise 4.4.0 Release Notes#

Release Date#

  • 2016-09-16

New Features#

  • Integrations: integrations can now be configure on whole repo group to apply same integrations on multiple projects/groups at once.

  • Integrations: added scopes on integrations, scopes are: Global, Repository Group (with/without children), Repositories, Root Repositories Only. It will allow to configure exactly which projects use which integrations.

  • Integrations: show branches/commits separately when posting push events to hipchat/slack, fixes #4192.

  • Pull requests: summary page now shows update dates for pull request to easier see which one were receantly updated.

  • UI: hidden inline comments will be shown in side view when browsing the diffs

  • Diffs: added inline comments toggle into pull requests diff view. #2884

  • Live chat: added summon reviewers functionality. You can now request presence from online users into a chat for collaborative code-review. This requires channelstream to be enabled.

  • UX: added a static 502 page for gateway error. Once configured via Nginx or Apache it will present a custom RhodeCode page while backend servers are offline. Fixes #4202.


  • UI: introduced Polymer webcomponents into core application. RhodeCode will be now shipped together with Polymer framework webcomponents. Most of dynamic UI components that require large amounts of interaction will be done now with Polymer.

  • Live notifications: use rhodecode-toast for live notifications instead of toastr jquery plugin.

  • Svn: moved svn http support out of labs settings. It’s tested and stable now.


  • Passwords: forced password change will not allow users to put in the old password as new one.


  • Vcs: refactor vcs-middleware to handle order of .ini file backends in detection of vcs protocol. Detection ends now on first match and speeds overall transaction speed.

  • Summary: Improve the algorithm and performance of detection README files inside summary page. In some cases we reduced cold-cache time from 50s to 1s.

  • Safari: improved speed of large diffs on Safari browser.

  • UX: remove position relative on diff td as it causes very slow rendering in browsers.


  • UX: change confirm password widget to have spacing between the fields to match rest of ui, fixes: #4200.

  • UX: show multiple tags/branches in changelog/summary instead of truncating them.

  • My account: fix test notifications for IE10+

  • Vcs: change way refs are retrieved for git so same name branch/tags and remotes can be supported, fixes #298.

  • Lexers: added small extensions table to extend syntax highlighting for file sources. Fixes #4227.

  • Search: fix bug where file path link was wrong when the repository name was in the file path, fixes #4228

  • Pagination: fixed INT overflow bug.

  • Events: send pushed commits always in the correct in order.