RhodeCode Enterprise 2.2.6 Release Notes#


  • 2014-12-03


  • Repository locking requires at least write permission to repository.

  • API: added add/remove methods for extra fields

  • New repositories/ repository groups should be created using 0755 mode not 0777

  • Added editable owner field for repository groups

  • Added editable owner field for user groups

  • API: Permission delegation on grant/revoke user permission functions

  • Auth plugin can create user creation state on first login

  • New license logic


  • Fix issue with unicode email addresses in custom gravatar template

  • Protect against empty author string

  • Fixed issue with multiprocess setup and cached global settings

  • Fixed issues with IIS and proxied ports

  • Fixed issue with mysql column size on installing RhodeCode

  • Fixed issue with API call for update repo when a repo inside a group was badly renamed when doing those calls