RhodeCode Enterprise 2.0.0 Release Notes#


  • released 2013-08-07

  • First introduction as RhodeCode Enterprise


  • Renamed to RhodeCode Enterprise.

  • New UI based on font icons.

  • Changed buttons to Twitter Bootstrap and Flat design.

  • Only the most important button on a page is green.

  • Capitalized labels.

  • Pluggable Auth system.

  • Extended API methods. Please check the latest docs for API changes.

  • Only one most important button is green in a page.

  • Reduced size of summary page info.

  • Moved statistics to dedicated page for consistent summary view.

  • New filtered and styled select fields using select2 widget. Select fields with bigger ammount of data are lazy loaded for performance.

  • Implemented separate compare page for easy comparing changesets between revisions, tags and bookmarks.

  • Repository, repository groups, users and users groups pages are now using same data_table rendered for consistency. All are now sortable with a special filter box.

  • Small improvements on pull requests.


  • No fixes